The time is upon you. The Great American Eclipse is here…

On Sunday afternoon you’ll make the pilgrimage hundreds of miles – or perhaps just out the break room door to witness the rare and profound solar eclipse! Whatever the case, you’ll need a nice music mix to get you through the spectacle. Since there will be a boat load of camping and lots of family around we’ve pulled together a well rounded eclipse mix to make everyone happy! And while you were preoccupied with food, traffic, and logistics we managed to compile you a hassle free eclipse mix lasting 47 mins and 45 seconds to guide you through these fleeting moments!

Be sure to time this one right to the peak – get your time zones here….


1. Who Loves The Sun – The Velvet Underground 2:46

And who doesn’t like The Velvet Underground? There’s gonna be a whole lot of camping going on at the eclipse and camping means campy when it becomes a whole family affair. Why not get in the mood with The Velvet Underground classic “Who Loves The Sun”! Raise ’em high and say I! This tune is really quick and charming – perfect to get everyone off on a positive note because we all NEED the sun! Checkout for financial help.

2. Blinded By The Light – Manfred Mann’s Earth Band 3:48

And now it’s getting sunny – really sunny – that is of course provided you didn’t junk luck into some bad weather. As you know folks, you’re not supposed to stare into the eyes of the sun as ‘Momma’ pointed out in Manfred Mann’s Earth Band classic “Blinded By The Light”. Heed the warning peeps, blindness is no fun  so go out and get yourself some…

3. Cheap Sunglasses – ZZ Top 4:46

Fortunately, I planned ahead and outfitted my welding goggles with European glass shade 14 lenses.

Shade 14 Eclipse Goggles

Shade 14 Steampunk Eclipse Goggles

But most of you waited ’til the last minute and you’ve got yourself some “Cheap Sunglasses” and not like the plastic and mirrored gas station varieties this ZZ Top classic alludes to. You’ve got paper and plastic ones like these…

Expensive Oregon Eclipse Glasses

Expensive Paper Oregon Eclipse Glasses

I know a girl she bought out the Adler Planetarium – she wants 20 bucks a pop! Expensive? Go pay $100 elsewhere!

************BONUS TRACK************

For the pinhole projectionists we give you an EXCLUSIVE

Pinhole Projectionist

Pinhole Projectionist

Alice In Chains really nailed it on this one with “Man In A Box”. Don’t be afraid to blare it on your portable speakers while passing by the pinhole projectionists…They won’t see you!

************BONUS TRACK************

4. Staring At The Sun – The Dread 3:06

Here’s some down home Chicago rap underground rock for you outta towners! The Dread have a killer mix of Hip Hop and Rock that you’re just not going to find anywhere else. So as you are “Staring At The Sun”, take a minute to soak up the sonic debauchery of a band you don’t even know – music you’ve never heard of…. Because out there is the unknown. Also, you can check out and download The Dread music sampler here at Free Music Archive (FMA) WFMU New York – The nations longest standing free form FM radio station.

5. Staring At The Sun – U2 4:36

OK – This might not have been necessary but for three points. 1) It may have been one of the last U2 songs before BONO The Prophet set out to save the world. 2) The guitars eerily match the next song – which makes for a pretty good mix. 3) There’s going to be a lot of staring at the sun at this point so we can warrant two (2) “Staring At The Sun”‘s. So yes, you are not the only one…Staring at the sun…

6. Black Hole Sun – Soundgarden 5:18

With the passing of Chris Cornell this year we all shared sentiment on what an amazing band Soundgarden really was. With a career lasting decades – very little of the era provided the sheer rock majestry that Soundgarden projected. “Black Hole Sun” may be the eclipse of their repertoire, with winding psychedelic guitars and vocals. This is the cut we want to hear leading into the totality of the eclipse…

7. Brain Damage – Pink Floyd 3:46

OK, this one’s a no-brainer. And how clever is Pink Floyd for busting this one into two (2)! tracks! Not only do you have to shell out double the dinero to experience the full piece, you may have cuing difficulties if your music player is set to gap tracks. In this case you’ll want to consult your preferences and set the time between playlist tracks to zero. This will assure that at the apex of whatever totality you are experiencing will be void of an awkward 2 second gap in the music! And rest assured there will be lunatics on the grass – a lot of them!

7. Eclipse – Pink Floyd 2:10

You’ve got to really give it to Pink Floyd once again… While they did bust a perfectly good tune into two tracks, there is obviously some reasoning behind that. Looking at the various maps of totality, it is perfectly clear that the best eclipse viewing will provide around 2 minutes of totality throughout the totality band nationwide give or take a handful of seconds. Hence the 2:10 sector of Pink Floyd’s Brain Damage / Eclipse gets the undisputed vote for peak run time jam at the solar eclipse. “The Sun Is Eclipsed By The Moon” ’nuff said….

8. Here Comes The Sun – The Beatles 3:05

By now the diamond ring has formed. It’s time to put those cheap sunglasses back on and sing along to The Beatles “Here Comes The Sun”.

9. Clint Eastwood – Gorillaz 4:29

If your out in the woods camping for the eclipse what’s the point of seeing the sun without a little sunshine in your bag? This song was a big hit when it came out, so why not rehash the 2001 classic underneath the sun, (with your own bag of sun). “The future is coming on…”

10. Total Eclipse – Iron Maiden 4:25

Alright, at this point the gig is up. It’s a tailgate party. Anyone still hangin’ around the park or the back of the RV is there for one thing – and one thing only… To get F#$d Up! This is where Iron Maidens classic “Total Eclipse” will really shine. Imagine you’ve gotta listen to some guy from Mendecino talking about a bio motor chugging a Blue Moon while at the same time sharing a PBR from some dudes truck from Tennessee while you’re girlfriends complaining you gotta leave and traffic is stuck in gridlock. This is where the metal delivers and helps you put a few back for the big walk to the big drive back home! Which leads us to…

11. Total Eclipse Of The Heart – Bonnie Tyler 4:29

So now it’s over… It’s really over… And you know how the big crowds get after a communally religious experience. SENTIMENTAL. This is exactly when that couple of drunk chicks bust out into Bonnie Tyler’s unstoppable hit “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”. But it doesn’t stop there. The crowd can’t resist and as everyone is lurching toward the parking lots. The crowd of humans bust into a wavering and altered version of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”. At this point your so tipped from the stank beers and whatever you smoked that you decide it’s a perfect time to join in. And hence, everyone realizes that we are only humans in union – that the universe is the universe – that the sun is the sun – the moon is the moon – and WE are part of the Earth.







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